Month: December 2020

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Last Day of 2020

This was the most hectic, disturbing, disbelief, grieving, hurting, depressed, scariest, uncontrollable year I have witnessed in my 22 years of life. We loss so many beautiful people in such a short period of time. I can’t believe these things happened in my life. I can only imagine what’s to come next year. I have […]

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Threat To humanity: Disease X To Come

When Ebola hit, we thought it was the end of the world. When Covid hit, no one took it seriously. There was even talk about Covid being Disease X because it came out of nowhere, and now there is a pandemic that has killed many people. What if I say that Disease X isn’t here […]

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Cafe Intermezzo

This is the perfect place to go for brunch. They stay open until 3 am and serve desert all day. It’s such a cute picturesque place with views of the city. We sat outside and the wind was so cold but we were comfortable because each table had a tall heater next to it. With […]

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Slutty Vegan Burgers

If you have not tried this place then you are missing out. They are not located everywhere yet but I know they will be soon. They are located in Atlanta and recently expanded to Alabama. I have been wanting to try the burgers here because they look delicious and the atmosphere looked lit. I had […]

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Viral Video Of black doctor who died from covid (opinion)

The video of the doctor “Susan Moore” that passed away from covid has been trending and going viral. Was she telling the truth? Was she really mistreated? The only evidence was a seven in a half minute video where she explained it. Like life itself, there are two sides to every story, and there was […]

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A Very mournful christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone but can I say happy? Lets be honest, no one is happy. Not with all this death that is going on. It’s hard to even try to look past it. The only good thing is that this year is almost over. I can’t be happy because I know others are not. […]

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Atlanta Trip (Day 2) Your Dekalb farmers market

This was my first time going to this farmers market and I was so surprised in a good way. It is located in Decatur, GA and it is a popular place. We went because my sister wanted to get things for a seafood boil. Pescatarians, where are you? They have fresh seafood there so it […]

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Atlanta Trip Day 1 (Beginning)

I will be summarizing what I have done today which isn’t too much because we made it to Atlanta at around 2pm. When we arrived, we went to get blaze pizza where I got a high rise vegan dough pizza. It was so delicious that I devoured it. It’s crazy how big this city is. […]

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PRIVILEGED cry-baby’s

I swear people just know how to piss you off more than you already are. These wealthy people who are offering 10’s of thousands of dollars to cut the line to get the covid vaccine should be ashamed. They think just because they are rich that gives them the right. Wrong! You don’t even know […]

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Are non-meat eaters weak bodied

I think people who eat meat except for seafood think non-meat eaters aren’t healthy enough. They say that if you don’t eat meat then you aren’t getting enough protein. I have heard that many times and I don’t understand where that way of thinking come from. Those who think meat is the only proteins for […]

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