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The Blood On The Hands Of These Leaders

Everyone think they know where they are going in the afterlife. That is an understatement for most and the ones who have blood on their hands. For some reason, after someone dies everyone alway says “my homie, my friend is in heaven” but do you really know. If they were killing and doing other things, why would you think they are in heaven. People tend to get greedy and greed takes over the body. There is so much going on right now and I am not talking about the virus. Murder! Massacres! You have a country leader who personally has anyone killed and you know who I am talking about. Public executions and I hope he knows he isn’t going up there. These sinful men, these evil hungry men aren’t going up there. They make laws about murder being illegal and that is all they do (murder). They run a country to take control and kill. Where are they gonna end up? I think it’s funny how some of these countries talk about religion like they aren’t going to hell. That’s the moral of the story. They are all going to hell for what they are doing at the end of the day. You have one of the largest countries taking religion from people and killing silently like no one knows. Do they think they are going up there? No sir, you know where you are headed after it’s over. These men only want power and I personally think they are psychopaths.

I say psychopaths because who can does this other than those types of people. They manipulate to get what they want and they kill. They have others do their dirty work because those people don’t have a choice. Since these people needed jobs and have to listen, they are sinners as well. There is a saying that everyone sins in their life which is true but that is not the same thing. Certain sins can be forgiven and others will never be forgiven. I am talking about mind control so bad that they start to lose themselves. This takes the seven deadly sins to a whole new level. Every leader has committed all the seven sins and you can’t say I am wrong because you watch it in the news. You have a leader so in control that his wife is forced to be with him because the entire country is forced to praise him. That country is mostly if not all atheist or forced to be atheist. Whenever that specific person leaves, all I can say is bye. Not even a good luck because there is so much blood on his chubby hands.

I blame everything on these people because they don’t know and don’t care what they are doing. They basically are playing the role of God and they are not. You want people to get on their knees and praise “you” out of all people. Stuck in a place and can’t leave, watch tv, listen to music, basically live. You can die at any moment there and they don’t care. How can such place still exist. This is the medieval era in the new era. People are getting killed left to right nowadays. You have a country that has been in the news all week for the massacre of 600 innocent people because the government and military if fighting. Those people were stabbed and killed with machetes and had nothing to do with it. What in the….is this. It’s literally war over there for nothing. I don’t get when there are wars in one place. They need to mediate whatever they got going on because people are getting killed and no on wants to surrender. It’s like a game of call of duty over there.

My country is no better because the problems here are the law enforcement. Law enforcements around the world are a problem. The level of ignorance is very high due to innocent killings among these groups of people who are also going to hell. They honestly lie about killing someone innocent and they swear. Those people are going to hell which is why I alway say they will get theirs one day. I also said that I wouldn’t protest to the streets, I would go directly to those people homes. I don’t care what you say, the police have so much blood on their hands. Some right and a lot wrong. It makes you think “are they any better than the people that they arrest”. At this point, rip the piece of paper that says freedom of anything because there is no freedom anywhere. All I say is that there are more of us than it is them. They watch, they listen, they kidnap and they kill. I had a dream that this will be over one day and all of these people can go far away in silence and have everything they inflicted on others put on them. They don’t know how it feels because they only give orders. Well, one of them knows when he was a vegetable and was almost gone but unfortunately he is still here.

This isn’t what life was supposed to be like. We weren’t put here to be forced to do these things. I think at one point it got out of hand and the funny thing is that I can’t even say where it started. History is so messed up and the future is worse so what does that say. What does all of this mean? Nothing will get better because you have people so fucked up in the head that they want too much control and that control will kill them (eventually). Then they cry when something happens to a loved one like they aren’t killing other loved ones. The funniest thing is that these men are nothing without there backup. Without them, they are just rich fat/skinny powerless men who belong to the streets (lol). It’s not rocket science, it’s the truth.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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