Is Humanity Headed In The Right Or Wrong Direction?

This question is up to you. What do you see around you? To answer this question, you have to simplify everything bad that is going on. I personally believe that humanity is headed in the wrong direction. Everything is going down hill and the reasons are in your peripheral view. You see everything I see so there no explanation for that. The reason I believe this is because no one (just some) is focused on the right thing. We have climate problems that can change the course of life and no one cares. This is an active (obviously) pandemic and no one takes anything seriously until it hits them. We also have uncontrollable mother nature forces that we can’t control.

When you think of humanity you think of the human race. The humans are the ones who are in control over everything. We were put here to take care of and transform the planet earth. Yes, we have come a long way by inventing so much but when you have something positive, there is always something negative to balance. Humans have built millions of buildings but most of these buildings release toxic chemicals into the air which causes air pollution which causes sickness. Pollution is so bad in the world and no one has fixed the problem. That is because they are only worried about money.

You also have regular trash pollution which is a big deal because so much trash goes into the water. Now you have water pollution which is also contaminated by air pollution. This can cause warm water which is bad for sea life. Do you see where I am going with this? We have real problems in the world and all people wanna do is travel. I wish I can travel but there is a virus that is preventing me. Others just risk it. This just shows that people are trying to avoid or move on from the situation but you can’t ignore something so big and active.

Along with pollution, we also have major fires that are ruining everything because it’s so hot. It’s hot because of the climate and as you know by now, everything goes back to climate change. Global warming has caused so many things to go bad in one year (this year). Mother nature did not hold back this year. It’s getting warming in the artics which is dangerous because those icebergs were there since the ice age. How isn’t any of this triggering to people? I always read the science news because they tell you things you will never know unless you search it up. They tell you about the black holes which are getting bigger because of global warming.

One day, in the future we will look back an say that there could have been a different option. There are so many things wrong that there might not be a future for us. Maybe enough stuff has’t happened yet to get it through people heads. The newer generations are only getting worse and the older generations are getting more annoyed. I am in between of anger and annoyed. To sum up everything, humanity is up to us. We were put on this planet to do things and to make sure it lasts. This is a weird world but hopefully we can fix our problems.

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