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Mission Impossible: The People Who Are Risking Their Lives For Hookups (Story)

I will be telling a couple of funny stories by someone I know because it’s worth telling (I got consent). Covid has gotten so strong in the past months. We all know that it’s dangerous to travel, party, bar hop, hook up with strangers, etc. The funny thing is that there is a percent of people who are still trying to keep their original ways. I would say the most risky thing to do during covid is to hook up with strangers. That is a big no for me especially because of covid. It’s all about safety even though you can still hookup and be safe (high risk). With the fear that would go through my eyes because you never know where people have been, there are some funny stories. The stories I am about to share are real and hilarious. I just don’t understand how this person is making it safe. It’s not a bad thing, I am just amazed. They need to share some secrets to others (lol). By the way, these stories are not about me.

This woman (we will call her Lucy) goes on lots of dates. I will never judge because you have to do what you have to do and what you want to do. I just disagree with the safety violations with meeting many people throughout one week. Lucy is a very bold and outspoken person. She gives no f**** and I admire her for that. I hear a lot of her stories and I wanna say the funniest one was when she hooked up with a guy and everything ended with a bloody towel and a cut on the guy “you know what” from braces (hahahahahaha). You think you heard it all but then get hit with this. I can’t with her and she always makes me laugh. When she talks to these guys, she would text them for a while before dating them (hopefully). Most would just be going out to eat and that’s it. Even though she goes out with them, she isn’t sleeping around (that I know of). I alway have questions like, how do you know they are safe? You can never be too safe when meeting someone during covid.

Lucy is a interesting person with a free soul. She once went on a date that was so bad, she had to call another boyfriend after the date (lol). Now, she says she has many boyfriends and by that, she isn’t hooking up with all of them. They take her out to eat and she texts me after the date and sometimes during the date to tell me how bad it was. So this date went bad because the guy was just acting like covid was not here. He was licking his fingers outside and touched her leg which she then just got grossed out. He was probably out napkins. Why would someone touch their face and lick their fingers outside. The best part of this bad date is that this was Lucy’s first date with this guy. What a first impression he made on her. She was so annoyed that she texted another guy friend and just ended up sleeping over at his place. They drank and fell asleep as she said. Once again I am not judging, I am just amazed at how she is getting by during covid with these dates.

The one thing I like about Lucy is that she has a strong personality. She also doesn’t like guys with bad or no cars (lol). She is in a high powered career so you can’t judge her because she has worked for what she had which leads us into another date. Lucy was getting ready to go on a date with this guy and she was worried because she though she saw him in this broken down car with bad tires (lol). I can’t with this girl and I try to explain to her that it’s not about what he has but she has her own standards. Eventually she found out that he had a nice car and that was someone else in a bad car. She went to the restaurant and the date was ruined by a homeless man walking in and making everyone uncomfortable. I wish I was making things up. She had her run-in with the homeless because where she lives, they are very rude but that’s not the point.

Just to sum up some other dates, there was a guy with bugs, a guy with no bedding sheets, a guy who was so annoying that she had to fake like she was going to work to get rid of him. She is hilarious and her life alway seems like a sitcom TV show. I never judge her because she is human and she knows what she is doing. Now, I am always telling her to be careful because sometimes these are guys she just randomly meet outside or on tinder. I am too scared to use tinder because I have heard dangerous stories. Some of the guys she go out with are not serious which is why I never understood the need to keep it going.

Now you know about this interesting woman. After blogging about this, you can see my concern. Dating during covid is scary enough but meeting with different people throughout the week is extremely risky. She doesn’t have covid thank god but what if. If people want to hookup freely then they should wait until it is less dangerous or get some tips from Lucy herself. States are closing again and curfews are happening everywhere. I still admire her for doing this. It may not be smart. It may just be one of the stupidest things to do but she didn’t catch anything. Hopefully she stays safe and slow down with the strangers because hooking up with someone is not worth a life. Lucy’s stories entertain me because I can always give her a lecture on what she is doing wrong. She laughs and agrees which is why I think she will be ok. I told her to write a book because theses stories are too good to forget.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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