What Life Would Look Like If Everyone Was Successful

Blue sky’s and the smell of flowers (lol). Could you imagine if there was no homeless people, debt or unemployment. It would be a beautiful life with happiness. If everyone was successful, we would see a lot less death (probably) but you still have jealous people. Success is what people run towards so that you can have a good life. The main thing people worry about is money because you need money to survive in this world. If everyone had what they needed to live a good life, there would be more positivity. Everyone would wake up and go to work, school or do what they want with no problems.

Why can’t everyone be successful? They say that there is a level to life and you have to have people at the bottom. I disagree with that because if there was a better system, there would be better achievements. You shouldn’t want to have people below you but it’s life as they say. If there was no homeless people, you would have happier people because they would have somewhere to live and eat. They would have a better education which can give them jobs. The fact is that there are too many homeless people and that says something about the government. Everyone doesn’t choose to be homeless.

Maybe there would be more smiles rather than frowns. Along with success, comes greatness and that is what we want. You will be walking down the street while seeing many businesses and everyone speaking to one another. If everyone is successful then that means that we would have a great educational system. Im not trying to say its bad now but if it was great, so many students wouldn’t drop out so young.

Even though I think like this, we all know it would never happen. What would the police do other than give out tickets. America has a system that doesn’t want everyone at the top. They want you to pay for everything and stay in debt forever. It’s not a perfect world nor will it ever be.

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