The World Is Scary: So Much Death

I was scrolling through the news and all I saw was dead during a bomb attack, dead in a bus crash, dead during a clash with cops, dead during protest, dead by covid, dead, dead,dead. Also animals are dying everywhere. 100 dead whales washed up and died in New Zealand today. Omg, what is this! Why is everyone losing their lives this year. It’s been a crappy year with so much darkness and I honestly can’t explain this. Who would’ve thought that this would be our life. The world is scary.

You would think that because so many people are dying, others would take it serious but no, they just continue on. It’s scary because you never know who will be next. It could be me, you or a loved one. You try to be positive and look pass it but it’s not easy when more people die on the same and next day. This is gonna go down in history as one of the worst years there have been. Catastrophe after catastrophe and there is still no end. Someone should ask the grim reaper if he is tired because so many people are dying (not trying to be funny).

What’s gonna happen next? Im getting fifth waves vibes from this year alone. The first wave was the forest fires, the second wave was covid, the third wave was the protest w/ riots, the fourth wave were and still is the hurricanes and I guess the fifth wave is to come. Covid is also in every wave so I guess the end will be the last wave. This is honestly scary to even type because it’s true. We have so much going on right now and I hope all of these catastrophes end soon. We don’t need any more deaths. I hope people take it more seriously because I can only imagine how stressed these doctors are.

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