What Is Considered An Older Man To A Younger Woman

I believe almost every young woman say they wan an older man. I am definitely one of them and there are many reasons. It’s a fact that women want long term relationships more compared to most men. Women just wants to be comforted and it’s so hard for men to be faithful. Well younger men. The idea of an older man says that they are more serious and have their life together (most of the time). I personally would want an older man because they seem more realistic to life and knows what they want. I am not talking about a close age to me which is in their 20’s. I am talking 30+. It sounds weird but it happens.

For some reason I can’t see myself meeting someone in their 30’s right now but I wouldn’t mind it. Sounds weird right. Can I see myself dating a 40 year old? I don’t know, probably in my 30’s. Just how younger women like older men, older men like younger women. Then you have younger men who like older women. Lastly, you have older women who like younger men. There is so many different options, I don’t how to explain it. Everyone is different. What’s funny is that out of all of these people, the one who gets judged the most is older women who like younger guys.

There is nothing wrong with younger guys but they play too much and are too insecure that you wouldn’t want to deal with it. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone but you know who you are. It’s interesting how everyone is so different when it comes to who you wan to be with. You know what you want or eventually will find out what you want in a guy. I think it also depends on timing. You need to be in the right mindset upon entering a good relationship but what do I know.

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