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Paris France: Canceling Out The Homeless

Paris has been getting out of hand lately but it is only getting worse. The news lately has been ridiculous to the point that they are now known for hate. Were not talking about Muslims, we are talking about migrants today. Innocent people who are now homeless and are sleeping in tents in the streets. They are being thrown out with police brutality (force) and are now homeless. There are so many people people without shelter and they are being told that they can’t stay in their tents because you won’t help them. When I say you, I am referring to their leader.

If they won’t help these people by giving them shelter, how can they get upset and why are they being so violent. They have a lack of housing but the police wanna complain. They used tear gas and physical force on these people. There was even a video clip of an officer tripping one of the men that got out of the tent. Are you serious? With all the stuff that is going on, they are just making it worse. These people need help, not injuries. The whole police force are embarrassing themselves.

Most of the camps (tents) were people who were from Afghanistan so I think that had a big part of it because of all the stuff with the Muslim attacks. They set up in the Place de la République and had the altercations there as well. It was said that the incidents happened withing an hour of setting up their tents. Orders from the police chief, who should be fired. You order them to be violent then you shouldn’t be a cop. He is a disgrace and as well as everyone other cop.

At the end of the day, it’s all illegal. No one should be treated like that. The migrants have no where to go and some of them even burned their belongings to get warm. Are you kidding me? It sounds like they are being treated different. They obviously take power too serious and their leader or president needs to do something. If you don’t want them sleeping on the ground, where do you want them? I use to want to go to Paris but not anymore. It’s not romantic, it’s dangerous.

I also think that this might be something to provoke them because the city has been one against the police before. The pictures look like people just sitting in the tents but they could also be standing for something. Who knows. Whatever it is, they didn’t deserve what happen to them. Couldn’t be me, because I definitely would have been shot. Someone trips me, I am rolling back up and charging at that cop full force.

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