Assault Charge For Breathing On Someone

Usually, I wouldn’t care for Trump supporter altercations on one another but this one made me upset. This 61 year old man breathes in the face of a female Trump supporter. Eww! First, Im not gonna refer to them as Trump supporter anymore because it’s annoying. Anyways, how dare you sir. Not during covid. He literally said “I breathe on you, now call the cops”. Funny because that’s exactly what they did and now he is facing charges. He was upset because they said he wasn’t wearing a mask. A lot of those older people weren’t wearing masks either. Uhh, I swear they are just asking for it.

It’s one thing not to wear a mask, it’s another thing to not socially distance as well. Older adults are at high risk of catching covid but they were just focus on the Trump protest (if that’s what they are calling it). After watching the video of the rich older white people, you get triggered. I say rich because they were arguing and protesting (if that’s what you call it) outside of a golf club. They looked like retired people who just golf now (lol). Don’t worry about me, I am just stereotyping.

We have a pandemic that has killed so many people so why would you attempt something life that. I would be so scared and triggered if somebody would blow their probably covid breath on me. I would honestly fight that man. I don’t care how old he is because it’s covid season and I am not about to catch anything. I wanna say (this is white people stuff) but it’s just crazy people stuff.

The man was charged with misdemeanor assault and that is what he gets. You wanna try to be funny during a pandemic, now you might be paying or having one year in prison. He did something stupid and he probably have grand children watching that video. If that was my family, I would call his disgusting, gross, rude, and a disease (lol). I just don’t like people who play during covid and try to make a point by risking someone’s life. What made it really bad was that he wasn’t wearing a mask. Not wearing a mask said so much. It showed that he probably doesn’t wear a mask anywhere so he could have caught something without knowing it. Then he breathes in someone’s face, get out of here sir.

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