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The Side Effects Of The Covid Vaccine

The vaccine is coming and that gives millions of people hope for a better future. Of course when you have something positive, there is something negative to balance it. They say that there will be a vaccine that requires two doses but the side effects will scare the hell out of you but just for a day (maybe). I say scare because I am weak and complain about everything. The side effects may be headaches, chills,muscle pain, and migraines, etc. Those are what some of the participants in their 50’s said but it’s different for many people. The thing they had in common is that you won’t feel that good but it only lasts a day. Then you have to get another one right after the first one. Well, if it’s gonna help then you have to just bulk up and face it. If you had covid, you can get through it.

I am just glad that they have something that is gonna help. I just hope everything goes well. I don’t know if I could go through with it. Of course I would if I had covid but those side effects sound real and I never had a migraine. I heard it’s painful. As annoying as you will feel, your body will be improving to fight off that virus. I wonder how they are gonna give millions of people the vaccine. I wonder if they are gonna drop them from the sky like the world war times (lol). I am just joking but I am curious. I have a couple of questions but they can wait because they are gonna be answered soon.

Another big side effect that I would worry about is the medical bill. If they have a bill which they shouldn’t but this is America. I can only imagine the bills they will be mailing out after all this over. That’s a scary side effect that I wouldn’t want to deal with. They really shouldn’t put a price on medical conditions to this extent.

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