The Audacity And Disrespect Just To Have A Wedding

A couple of things to address from my perspective and their religion. I have never seen a wedding with over 300 people let alone 7,000. That is ridiculous and especially during a pandemic. No one was even wearing a mask and they were all just next to one another like sardines. Literally, shoulder to shoulder. Children were sitting knees to knees on the floor and maskless. I have a couple of questions. How did they get away with that? Why weren’t they wearing masks? Why is there a wedding going on? Due to this catastrophe captured, they are now being investigated as they should. This was a Satmar wedding and I was surprised by the number count. I didn’t know that this was a huge religion but they happen to be one of the largest in the world.

There is no say what they did was wrong. They completely ignored the restrictions. This is not ok and to think because of that, there will possibly be higher cases. I don’t know why but I have a gut feeling that a couple of people in that room got covid. That community even said that they feel like they are being picked on personally. I don’t know what has been going on with that community but it seems like there have been incidents during covid.

This whole wedding was like a top mission or something. For some reason, I picture them running a couple at a time so it’s not so noticeable (lol). Obviously, it was something big because who else would have a wedding of that size. It looked like an inauguration or something. Whatever it was, it shouldn’t have happened. If they want to save their people, they should be smarter. It’s not worth your life these days for things like that.

I understand that they have morals and things they go by but things are different now. Everyone’s ways are changing and I hear it’s getting bad in New York again so they were completely wrong. This is just something you can’t do for the sake of the human race. It may sound exaggerated but there were too many people. It’s so bad that people in that community are protesting the covid rules. Just when you think you heard it all. Things like this are why we will never see an end to the pandemic.

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