Best Meat Substitute For Vegans

Transitioning to a vegan was very difficult at first but I found a way to enjoy it. Those who are looking for meat substitutes to cook with will be very happy because they have so many choices. I have tried a couple of different brands but my favorite meat substitute is the brand “Gardein”. This plant-based meat substitute is great and has the texture of meat. They have all kinds of products from fish, ground beef, burgers, meatballs, etc. This brand has a great taste for all kinds of food and it doesn’t taste weird. There are many other brands but gardein is my favorite because it has the best taste.

The best thing about the gardein brand is that nothing falls apart. It really has the consistency of meat. My favorite item to buy is ground beef. Plant-based ground beef is amazing. You can do so much with it just as you would with regular ground beef. The gardein meatballs are another favorite. I can easily make spaghetti and meatballs with these products and it is healthier than regular meat. I have even heard that it’s good from people who are not vegan.

It’s amazing how much they can make with soy products. Every vegan meat substitute that I bought contained soy and that is because vegans need proteins and fats. Fun fact, humans only eat 6% of soy and the rest is oil. Interesting because I honestly thought it was over 90%. I recently made chili and added the gardein ground beef and it was so delicious. It looked and tasted like regular chili. I am never not amazed by what humans come up with. This is just an example that there are healthier options that come from plants.


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