A Betrayal Of Women’s Rights By A Man

The Poland Abortion Ban has been all over the news for the past weeks and I am late to the party because I never knew this. I was listening to Miley Cyrus “Mother’s Daughter” and all the comments were talking about Poland. I saw the words 5abortion ban, women’s rights, freedom and so much more, so I looked it up. I am shocked and angry. That law is disgusting on the fact that women can’t make any decisions. Abortion is the number one talked about topic that is controversial. It shouldn’t be because as a woman who carries that baby around, she should have the say.

Poland’s Abortion Law States: As of 30 October 2020, legal only in cases of rape and incest, when the woman’s life or health is at risk, or if the fetus is irreparably damaged.

As a woman, “I feel that a man should not have a say over a woman’s body.” It’s different when there is a woman in power saying it but even she would be wrong. The same talks were happening in the states when certain states were talking about banning abortion. If you saw it, the main if not all the people who were making these decisions are older people. In the states, old white men and old white women were talking about how you are killing a life. That is the sentence that makes your head spin. Some people think it’s wrong and others think it’s true. I have my own opinion and by the way I’m writing, you know where I stand.

I believe that all women should have a say-so about what happens to their bodies. This is not the medieval times anymore. Women have rights or supposedly have rights. If they are going this route, how about making a law that a man needs permission from his spouse to get a vasectomy. In some places, women have to get permission from their husbands to get their tubes tied, so do you see the irony here. Men should not have the say in anything about women because they don’t experience anything the way we do.

Yes, abortion is a big thing but you have mothers throwing children in the trash and leaving them in abandoned places because they can’t take care of them. Then foster homes fill up and those people end up neglecting those children. There are so many parentless children because their mothers and fathers couldn’t take care of them. I’m not saying that those children don’t deserve to be here, what I am saying is come up with better options for women like more support financially so that they can care for the child.

Men will quickly say “don’t abort a child” but then when it’s time to step up to be a daddy, they leave. They leave or cheat and do it all again. You know why because they don’t have to push a baby out and heal afterward. What does that say about them? Then most wouldn’t want to support the child financially and look stupid when that child turns down the wrong path. I am so sick of hearing this topic go back and forth. Everyone obviously has different opinions on the subject so what are we gonna do. What will be the precautions if nothing changes? More protests or worse. Poland has peaceful protesting now (barely) but what if something else happens. Something worse. Sometimes you have to lose some to get what you want. I wish I was there to protest with them. I don’t know why I have this uneasy feeling but this is reminding me of “The handmaid’s tale”. Weird but there are too many things happening to erase it from my mind.

They say the only legal way is if you are raped, the mother’s health impacts the baby, or incest happens. These are actually very good reasons to have one but there are others. These leaders don’t even pay their citizens enough to take care of the child so why not fix that problem. The other party would argue about the baby’s life and I also agree but I have a question. Isn’t there a trimester where you can’t even get an abortion for the sake of the baby’s life? They always say that right when the egg form there is a baby but I don’t agree. If you act fast enough, I believe you can fix the problem without harming anything because it’s an egg. I believe that if you are in a relationship, you should talk about it with your significant other. A couple should make that decision, not the government or president.

If they don’t want abortions and protests happening, how about making birth control affordable or better yet free. You have a $40 plan b pill that many can’t get and you have birth control that most can’t even afford. What does that say? We have a f***** up system run by men.

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