Why Can’t Trump Take The “L”

The fact that Donald Trump and his supporters can’t accept the fact that he loss is mind boggling. This is what an election looks like without cheating. Did he really think he was that popular? Especially after all the stuff he did in office. He loss a lot of people and barely had and any Hispanic and African American supporters. He still thinks everything is a fraud and that he had more votes but he is dead wrong. You loss so just leave.

The day Joe Biden won, everyone started partying. Even though covid is still here, Trump won’t be so it was worth celebrating. I just don’t get why he think it’s all fake when his election was a mess with other countries interfering. As much as he talks, he keeps getting denied for a re-count because they know the truth. Congress don’t even like him. He has cause so much trouble and will probably go down as one of, if not the worst Presidents in history. Probably worse than the water gate scandal.

This man had spy’s on the Vice President, tried to start a war, wasted civilian money on an unfinished wall and was even accused of tried to have the Governor or Michigan kidnapped. I don’t even know what to say. His days was numbered a while ago. Im just happy it’s over, but is it really. Donald Trump is still on twitter and he still has supporters. I feel like there are gonna be actions to come soon. Im and just so tired of hearing him and them.

Hopefully it all ends one day and we can have a peaceful year without hearing him. Im honestly tired of seeing him in the news about this election. The election is over so just take the loss and go to sleep. He keeps getting rejected anyways so at this point he is wasting time and energy. I have a couple of questions about him. Was Trump really happy in office? Why would you wanna run a country that hate you? Does he not know that he can just retire and relax now?


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