New President! Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump

Wow! I don’t know what to say. To have that evil man out of the oval office feels great. I just wanted Trump out so bad because he ruined so much. I didn’t know if Joe was gonna win or lose because people always try to mess up votes. Trump said if Joe wins, he is gonna run again in 2024. Nobody wants him in office again. He ruined his reputation every year he was in office. He bashed citizens and opponents. He wasted money on unfinished projects and he didn’t help with this pandemic.

I honestly think that the pandemic was the last straw for the people. He couldn’t handle it and was in denial at the beginning of it. People died and some of his supporters died without him doing anything. Trump got what he deserved and he should never run again. They need to boot him on the streets but it’s not all bad. He still gets paid yearly as former President. He don’t even deserve that.

Joe Biden is now going to be the President of the United States. I wonder how it will go because everyone changes once they get in office. Yes, you hear all the good things in the debates because they have to sell it to you but lets just hope it’s true. I don’t think it’s hard to fix a country. Build things, plant things, give jobs and peace. There are just those people (Trump) who wants total control over everything. It doesn’t work that way and I still blame Congress for not fixing this problem before.

Trump was almost impeached and he was still making decisions. He made one of the scariest decisions in a long time which was to kill the Iranian General and cause even more hate. Those people are scary and I wouldn’t mess with them but I hear that was a very evil man who killed U.S citizens. I am so curious about everything right now. Becoming President is stressful. They always show the before and after pic and the after pic always look drained (lol). I think when people become President or in power, they believe they have everything under control until the first incident happen. Now you have to control hundreds of millions of people. Long story short, Trump is out and Biden is in.

I still think a woman should be President once

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