Mink Massacre: Europe’s Plan To Kill Millions of Minks

I never knew there were mink farms. I never really knew anything about minks. Minks are apart of the weasel family and they are so cute. Listening to my words is making me sad because they are planning to kill over 17 million minks related to covid. I don’t agree with this plan to kill these animals because they didn’t cause millions of cases. They said these minks in Denmark have caused 12 humans to get the virus but around 5,000 of the minks have covid. There are 1,100 farms in Denmark and I also didn’t know that. Theses people have farms to breed these animals and take their innocent fur.

People are so disgusting. The fact that these farms aren’t illegal is beyond me. Those farms look like rat labs where they test animals. I already know that they tested their covid vaccine on those minks because why would you have to kill every last one of them if you didn’t mess up. I am really disgusted by this because 400 mink farms have already gassed all of their minks. Are you serious? Humans are worse.

Humans spread the virus faster than anything else. They are murdering millions of one species because they think this is gonna help the problem. These minks didn’t cause 35 million cases, they caused 12 cases transferred to humans so far. Scientist are so quick to get rid of an animal to stop the risk but the risk of the animals are slower than ours. They found out that covid transfer from minks to humans which is why they wanna get rid of them. The deed is already getting done for killing the minks and they are even calling in the military to help.

The cost of this plan is $785 million dollars. Millions of dollars to kill millions of innocent creatures. I am really mad because I never knew about this. It’s their fault for having all of these minks together like this and having so many farms. No one needs that many fur farms. People who wear real animal fur and products are disgusting and I don’t respect those people. I hate people that test on animals because humans are just evil. They were here before us so why ruin generations of a specie. This is 100 percent a massacre and if their covid situation don’t get better after this then they should be slapped. I say this because there are thousands of farms in Europe.

I blame the people who run the farms. If you have these animals locked up, how would they get it unless they produce it. I am starting to think that scientist don’t know everything. They are so quick to get rid of something but here humans are dancing with covid in groups. My mind is all over the place but I don’t agree with this sick plan.


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