Thinking About Changing Your Major

Upon entering college, you will choose a major that fits you or pick one that you think fits you. Choosing a major is very pressuring for some and very easy for others. There are many majors to choose from but when you think about it, that major you choose will be your major. When you think like that, you will be contemplating for a while. The major you choose should be something you like or something you are good at. Don’t get nervous though because you can always change your major. A high percentage of college students will change their major before they graduate.

Reasons for changing a major can be not liking the major, failing classes, wanting a change, or just not being sure. There is nothing wrong with changing your major if you are unsure. You have enough time but just remember that you should be happy. Taking classes that you don’t like or don’t understand can be stressful and expensive. You can be a math major but then want to change it to an English major. That’s a big change, but maybe you weren’t good at math as you thought you were. That tells you that you might be better at something else.

Choosing a major that you enjoy is the best. You don’t wanna just think about money because you will be unhappy. You will be angry and unhappy working a lot. Me with my physics class (lol). Another problem is choosing a major that someone else chooses for you. You might take advice from friends and family if you don’t know what to do. You will be unhappy because it should be your choice. You will end up regretting your major later if you are not ok with it later.

There is nothing wrong with changing your major as long as you are happy with it. You have many choices with many career options. The world is huge which is why there is no reason to be nervous. If you are unhappy, then fix it. Life is about being happy even though it is hard right now. A major should not be the scariest thing in your life even though it comes off like that. Who knows, you might find yourself more different than before. College comes off as scary and it is scary but only you can make a path for your future.

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