Is “ISIS” Back Again: Terror Attack In Vienna Austria

There have been so many random attacks from certain religious groups recently. They called him an “ISIS wannabe” but I think he looked up to those men. I guess you could call him a wannabe. Many innocent people were shot dead or injured in a random shootout in Austria Yesterday. The crazy part is that the suspect who was shot dead was only 20 years old. They also believe that this was a group attack and others may have been arrested or killed. The stuff that is happening recently is unreal, unforgiving, and inhumane.

I don’t know if they had the same morals as ISIS but they looked up to them for some reason. I don’t know what they believe in but it can’t be God because God wouldn’t let that happen. These people are so young yet they get brainwashed into doing stupid things that get them killed. Of course, they wouldn’t care because they believe they are helping and forcing power. I have a theory and it’s a big one. Something that would make all these attacks make sense. If I am right then we are in for something else. My theory is that all these random attacks are plans to show that ISIS is coming back.

I’m not crazy, am I? It’s just all too familiar. The suspect who was shot dead took pictures on his Instagram with a rifle, handgun, and machete. That is a psychopath in the flesh. Posted that picture moment before his attacks. I was surprised he had an Instagram. Like, if you believe in that group, they wouldn’t be on social media. This was 100 percent a terrorist attack on civilians to bring fear. I just have a feeling there are gonna be many more.

Everything was better after getting rid of that group. A terrorist group who just murders out of cold blood for their own pleasure. I just hope my theory is wrong because there has been enough death this year. That man was probably a suicide killer. He knew he was gonna die but wanted to get it done. It’s just sad that they are so young. In the last two terrorist attacks in Paris, the suspects were only 18 years old. So young yet so stupid and ignorant. All they want is to make a name for themselves and I guess they are doing it because everyone is talking about it.

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