Do’s and Don’ts On a Classroom Zoom Call

Switching to online classes because of covid has been extremely difficult. Classes are using google meet and zoom to communicate and host lectures. The only good thing is that you can go to class in you pajama’s but…there are some things you should not do. Now remember, you have a camera and a microphone because you have to be present and professors asks questions. I have had some funny zoom calls with my classes that made me look stupid. Learn from my mistakes.

1.) Don’t Leave Your Microphone On The Whole Time- You don’t have to have your microphone on the entire time because one, it makes an echoing noise and two, people can hear if you have another conversation. For example, if your roommate walks in while you are in class and ask a question.

2.) Do Make Sure You Are Fully Present For A Zoom/Google Call- I say this only from experience. Just imagine, you turn on you class lecture online and you mute you computer. The teacher is talking and you get on your phone, so your not listening to the lecture because it’s boring. Then the teacher calls on you. Yes, you get called on to answer the problem but you weren’t paying attention. That was me in my chemistry class and I was so embarrassed.

3.) Don’t Sleep On A Call- No one should sleep in class even if it is online but if your gonna sleep, at least cover your camera. Everyone hates 8am classes because it’s too early. For certain classes, I leave my camera covered just in case I fall asleep (lol). I am not a morning person on the week days.

4.) Do Make Sure You Have A Note Book Ready- You would think just because you are watching a zoom/google call, you wouldn’t need to take notes but your wrong. If you never watched a lecture that way, professors talk even faster and the videos sometimes lag. Many professors won’t upload the lecture video so you really have to listen.

5.) Don’t Leave Your Lecture Call Too Early- You will learn the hard way that these professors start counting attendance after the lecture so that you have to watched the full lecture. I have left a zoom call early before and even though my professor physically saw me on the computer, he still counted me as absent. Just make sure to stay on call or just cover your camera.

6.) Don’t Have Your Background Messy- You don’t want your professor to see your messy room. I was on a zoom call once and had my bra on my bed and I was just like, “Is it too late to remove it or do I wanna just shut my computer”. It’s too embarrassing.

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