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The Real Struggles Of Being A Vegan

I talk about what I eat and buy. Where I buy things and how much they are. All I can say is “the struggle is real”. Every time I talk about this, I alway say that it wasn’t my choice (lol). Although that is true, I just doubt it sometimes. I love animals which is why I was perfectly fine as a pescatarian, eating nuts and seafood. It just hurts that I can’t because I am highly allergic. I use to make fun of my sister who was allergic to nuts and look at me now. Allergic to everything there is.

The number one problem I have is how much to eat. I wrote about this in another post. As a vegan you have to eat enough so that you get your protein and other vitamins. It’s not easy if you are just starting out. Vegetarians, pescatarians, etc, have it better because there are more things they can eat that vegans can’t. The struggle is real if you love food and then have to completely give it all up. There are so many things that annoy me because I can’t do much.

Eating out is hard to do. Where I stay, there aren’t any vegan restaurants nearby and the places that are here don’t have anything so I just end up eating blaze pizza. There are only two things that are near my campus that I eat which is blaze pizza and moes. That’s sad. Another thing is the price of food. Becoming vegan is an expensive process if you haven’t found any budget ideas. Not only that but grocery stores price vegan , plant based and vegetarian food higher. So you have expensive food and no where to eat. It definitely depends on where you live because every place is different.

It’s not bad once you find a plan that works for you and trust me, you need a plan to survive this (lol). I look on pinterest for ideas or think of something that might be good. I just don’t think people who aren’t vegan fully understand. It’s a choice for most people but people like me who loves seafood, it wasn’t a choice but I don’t regret it. I might sound like it but I really don’t regret it. Ever since I gave up meat in January, I thought I was ok. I don’t even crave meat because they have so many substitutes. This is a working process but it will get better.

Note: It’s also a myth about losing weight. You don’t lose a lot weight as a vegan because carbs. That’s all I am gonna say.

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