Snacks To Take On The Go: Hiking To Class

We all get hungry on the way to class. These campuses are big and tiring especially if your classes are far apart from one another. For example, I get out of breath walking to class. Leaving my dorm to walk across the entire campus to one class then come back is so stressful. I wish I had a car or a bike but I’m just walking and complaining. Just so you don’t pass out, you should take a drink and a snack before starting your journey.

  • Banana Chips- I just started liking these. I wasn’t a fan of these at first but now I really enjoy them.
  • Nuts and Seeds- I can’t eat them because I am allergic but others can. Trail mix is a perfect snack because it’s high in fats, fiber and protein.
  • Dried Fruits- Once again, not a fan of all dried fruits but I like dried kiwis.
  • Fruit Cups- Yes, they are sweet but you are trying to survive on the way to class. You can easily chug that cup of fruit before entering class.
  • Granola Bars- High in energy and delicious.
  • Flavored Water- I like flavored water because of the different taste. My favorite is strawberry and orange.
  • Popcorn- Make some popcorn and put some in a Ziploc bag. If you popped it yourself then you have to eat that quick (lol).
  • Vegan Cookies- Whether you baked or bought them, just put some in a Ziploc bag.

As you see, there are many tings you can take on this hiking trip. These class trips are long and you will wanna buy something so to save your money, just bring something. Always add a drink with your snack so you don’t get dehydrated, especially if it’s hit outside. I swear walking to class feels like hiking.

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