“Sayings” That Meat Eaters Assume About Vegans

I hate it when people assume things about vegans. I have been vegan for a while now so I can speak on it. There are so many speculations and people thinking vegans can’t survive without certain foods but they are wrong. Vegans and other non meat eaters live longer than those who eat meat. It’s a fact. There are few things that I think is funny because I have witnessed or done certain things to make it true.

People thinking vegans can’t survive without eating meat. So many people say this and they are wrong. There are many substitutes so that you get the same protein. Then they say “why are they eating substitute meat if they don’t wanna eat meat”. Many people stop eating meat because they love animals. Others do it for their health. The main reason is because you still have to have that protein, so they get it other ways. Healthier ways. Either way, it’s better because meat isn’t that good for you. Maybe some people didn’t want to give up meat but found better vegan, vegetarian,plant based meat substitutes that also benefits them health wise. You can live without meat.

Another saying is that you are always hungry. You know, in the beginning, that is 100 percent true (lol).You eat a lot and still be hungry and that is because you aren’t getting all your nutrients. It doesn’t last because eventually you will get the hang of it. Non vegans get full faster which is worse because they are getting too many nutrients which makes them full faster. It all depends on what you are eating.

The one thing I hate the most is the bragging/complaining. I am only saying things that I have witnessed (mostly from family). There are those who brag when you eat a veggie burger while they are eating an overcooked greasy burger with cheese. There are those who complain when you can’t eat what everyone else eat so choosing food is hard. Why complain when you can take notes and change your eating habits.


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