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How To Get Your Meal Plan Removed

Every university offer meal plans for students who live on campus. You have to eat but there is only one problem. The meal plans are so expensive. I’m talking thousands of dollars for not 5 star food (lol). If you are paying that much, they should have the best quality plus different varieties of food. I dropped my meal plan which was around $2,000 and they didn’t have but two options for vegans. Not even two. It was useless to keep paying that much if I couldn’t eat anything so I started the process of removing my meal plan.

The first step is to contact the disability services, not financial aid. Financial aid will just say they don’t do that. The disability office handles it because these schools act like you have to have a problem not to eat their food. You will have to make an appointment because there are a few pages to fill out and sign. After returning your paper, you will have to do a phone interview. The interviewer will ask you what’s the problem and why do you want to cancel. If you are not disabled, you will check off “other” on the form and explain your situation.

They will either say approved or denied which is wrong in my eye because you shouldn’t be forced. If you honestly don’t eat on campus at all then you are wasting your money. Especially those people who go to more expensive colleges who meal plans are over $5,000. I would fight to have that plan removed. They don’t have many meal plan options that are cheap which is why it’s a waste. Everyone don’t eat the food in the courts. You can save that money and cook for yourself. As a vegan, I have to prepare my own food because they have nothing I can eat unless it’s a salad without dressing.

The process to getting your meal plan removed is extra. They act like you have to be disabled or sick in order to cancel it. Universities should have more budget friendly options because nearly everyone has a loan and that is just adding to it. A meal plan should not cost more than a dorm room. We are wasting so much money on college already and this system just makes it worse for us. It’s like they don’t want us to get out of debt.

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