Favorite Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween! Weirdly it doesn’t feel like Halloween at all. Maybe because the holiday as been happening all year. Anyways, my favorite part of Halloween is not the candy but the movies. I like to see what movies come on and the reason is because they always play certain movies on Halloween. I love horror movies so I am not gonna name just Halloween movies because it’s all about the scare.

  1. Halloween Series– I am talking about Michael Myers killing nonstop. The reason I said series is because there are so many and I love every last one of them. It’s crazy how I still get scared because I have seen these movies many times.
  2. Halloween Town– Not scary but Disney channel scary. Little children would probably be afraid but I still like the movie. Disney channel streams it all week before Halloween.
  3. Twitches/Twitches Two-Everyone should know this movie. It’s such a Disney classic. It’s such a good throwback.
  4. Friday The 13th– Not a Halloween movie but an absolute horror movie. It also counts because 31 backward is 13.
  5. Monster House– I love animated movies. This movie is so good and funny. I think I’m still a child because I prefer kiddy movies more.
  6. Hotel Transylvania– I almost forgot about this and I don’t know how because this is one of my top 3 animated movies. This is an absolute comedy and spooky movie. Not really spooky but kids who hate monsters would say spooky.
  7. The Adams Family– I just watched this movie and this is also in my top 3. This was such a funny movie. I wish I watched it when it first came out.
  8. Casper– This is a must and a classic. Everyone has seen this movie. You have a ghost befriending a human. What more could you want.
  9. The Haunted Mansion– I miss this movie so much. They need to add this on Netflix. I watched this movie so long ago but I wanna watch it again. I still remember everything.
  10. Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular– I honestly saved the best for last. This movie is so good to watch with your family. It’s definitely a movie to watch every year because you will miss it.

Today might not feel like Halloween but there is still a lot you can do. Have a fun movie night with your family. I will be watching a horror movie marathon today. I am such a scaredy cat but I still like to be scared.

Who doesn’t like horror movies. The fact that people like to be scared is crazy but exhilarating.

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