One Thing Can Ruin Your Dream

This can mean so many things. Take it how you want to but I will be talking about school. I am talking about it so much because this physics class is ruining everything for me (lol). This will probably be the last post about my physics class but no promises. I just came to the thought that this one class can ruin my dream. I have been questioning everything because I was starting to hate my major. This isn’t even a biology class but it just makes me so mad. The sad part is that I still have to take physics 2.

I am starting to rethink what I wanna do. I still wanna be apart of the medical community but more like a therapist. I don’t know, I’ll get back on that because I am all over the place. To think that one thing can ruin your dream is scary. For example, GPA, drinking, getting arrested, etc. That is why I say, take it how you want to because it can mean many things. Thinking that way can be seen as negative but it’s hard not to when your struggling.

It’s extremely hard to get into medical school. You have to know a lot and I need physics. Let me repeat that. This course is required!! That is why I am scared because that subject doesn’t stick in my head at all. I haven’t remembered anything in that class. I have to think of something because I am a junior but I am not ready. I have so many classes to take still. Uh! It’s too much but I am not giving up. I just have to rethink some things. You have to ask yourself “what do you wanna do”. I wanna do so much which is why my brain is overworked.

Hopefully everyone has a dream. I do know some people who don’t have a dream and that is because of how and where they were raised. You should want something better for yourself so that you can be happy. I am not putting anyone down because as long as you are happy and stable with family, that’s all you need. Life shouldn’t be about money but you need it to live. I wish I can just live in the nature drinking fresh river water but that’s just my dream.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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