Colleges Overworking Students

Overworked students equals stressed out students. It’s really hard to keep up with school work these days. Of course you would say “just keep a planner” but that doesn’t work all the time. Professors all have a syllabus they go by to stay on track and it is supposed to help you know where you are in class. The one thing the syllabus doesn’t tell you is that you were assigned loads of homework on another website, online labs, and a quiz. Oh, and it’s due the next day before a exam. Don’t forget your composition book with chapter questions 1-5 (all multiple choice and regular problems). You must show all your work to get credit and it must be turned in before the exam tomorrow. Yeah, I quit and that is a typical day for my physics class (lol). I talk about this class so much but you guys need to understand that it’s too much.

These professors throw so much work at you not realizing you have other classes and the effect it has. Your brain starts to over process information and the next thing you know, you are cramming for tests. Then they complain that you aren’t studying too much. No, you didn’t give us time to study. If you fail, they say go to tutoring. Tutoring is the answer to everything I guess because that is what my dean said when we complained about our physics teacher. I am so tired of hearing study!! How about you study and learn to organize our work better.

Maybe it’s because I don’t move fast but I like to move at my own pace. I don’t rush at anything unless it is work related. I don’t work but when I did work. I just want these professors to slow down and stop giving us loads of work all together. It’s better to spread the work out but of course were gonna get angry if you keep adding work to our big pile. Since my entire class basically hates our professor, we created a whole class group chat and we found out that we have a lot in common in this class. Were tired (lol).

Why is college so tiring? “It’s a way of life”. “You have to learn to get a job”. “You can drop out but then what are you gonna do”. I have heard it all. I am not dropping out. I have come too far for that. Less work would help me concentrate. Covid isn’t making anything better so I already don’t wanna go. This is why I am so angry. I need to hibernate for about a month.

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