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“Don’t Complain When You Get Covid”

Let me just make one thing clear. I am making this post because I am very annoyed with seeing cases rise and people not caring. You have protests, voting lines, school activities, parties, holidays, etc. I honestly feel like no one cares if they get it anymore. You can not care but if you do get it, don’t cry about it. Yes, you have to move on but it has been nine months of hell and I guess it hasn’t clicked in people heads yet. More curfew times have been put in place in other countries because cases are increasing. We need something because that’s the only way to slow it down. Just to think, someone near you can have a virus that you can catch would be enough for me to get my shit together and contain myself. I hope everyone don’t think the alert is low because it’s not.

The one thing I am annoyed about at this moment is school. My college along with others are still planning all of these events and there are a lot of people. We have a week of activities this week for Halloween but they started last week and it was a mess. There was pumpkin smashing with one bat and no one cleaning it and even long lines of no distance. They are still having many football games and I can’t get into it. Personally I think covid has ruined my college experience because all I wanna do is my work and graduate. It’s not the same and I am not gonna attend these events risking my life. Sorry not sorry.

They have so much planned for homecoming and it’s a lot. They say as long as you have a mask, you can attend. Look, having just a mask isn’t enough. You need to be careful. People are thinking having just a mask can protect you but people are still getting it. Standing 6ft isn’t even enough space. Maybe I am paranoid or maybe others should take it more serious. That is why I say “don’t complain when you get covid” and it only applies if this is you. Someone who acts like they can’t sit down.

I am taking so many risks being on a campus. That is because I still have to go to classes, the library, student center and my dorm. I completely cut my ties with that gym. That is the number one hot spot on campus and it is always full. I went twice and I am still surprised on how many people go at night. I would rather exercise in my dorm or run alone early in the morning. Half of those people in there weren’t even exercising so I left after that because my head was hurting looking at them. I have a gut feeling about something and I am unsure but I do think it’s true. I feel like there is someone on this campus who is sick currently. The cases they had at the beginning were from the staff and other people were quarantined. I do think a couple of people tested positive but the school said they handled it. That is the main reason I try to be careful. Always go with a gut feeling because it can save your life.

At this moment, people are lining up and have been lined up for 8 hours, getting ready to vote early. The lines were so tight and no one is saving space. Excuse me, back up because there is no way. Once again, this is why I say “don’t complain when you get covid” because you were careless. I wanna be a doctor but If I hear that someone got covid because they were partying, I would call them stupid and say “offense”. Get smarter.

Covid is real, so stop acting like it isn’t.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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