Sexual Assault On The Elderly In Australia

Why is this happening? I have never heard of this unless it was on a crime show. You never hear about cases like this because who would do that. Australia has an estimate of 50 cases a week involving sexual abuse and mistreatment of elderly people. No matter the number size, one is too many, especially for older people. Investigators have put the numbers into the double thousand digits. That is insane. Who can assault the elderly and sexually like that.

Nursing Homes are suppose to be a safe place. Why can’t people feel safe? The crazy part is that the people who commit the crimes are fellow elderly and care workers. Yes, you heard that right, elderly people attacking one another. How disgusting! I don’t even know what to say about elderly attacking the elderly. How is that possible and how aren’t they…I don’t even know how to finish that sentence. Caregivers who attacks their patients are a disgrace. You are there to do a job and that’s it. These people look for your care to help them. They are not their to be felt up on or to be taken advantage of. I say this because some of the victims had dementia. Like what would you get out of that. There are some sick people out here with weird fetishes and it’s gross.

The police is getting dragged because they aren’t doing enough. I would blame the too if my grandmother or grandfather was getting assaulted and couldn’t do anything about it. Uhhh! This is really upsetting me because we all have elderly people in our lives and to just think that something can happen to them is frustrating. They need to crack down on this because there should not be over 32,000+ cases which there is in that country. I can only imagine what it’s like here in America or other places. Sick Perverts.

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