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Favorite Vegan Take Out Foods

I don’t try to eat out a lot but when I do it’s still hard because my options are limited. I have yet to go to a full vegan restaurant because I can’t find any or I don’t have the time. I door dash and use uber eats when I am ordering food. I like things like moes, blaze pizza, chipotle and that basically it (lol). I also tried a new place which was amazing which is why I am going to list them.

  1. Moe’s Tofu Nachos- Who doesn’t love moes and nachos. I just hate that I can’t eat the queso anymore but I still enjoy it. My favorite item on their menu is the tofu nachos. They season their tofu very well and you can add anything. This is how I build my nachos specifically: I add Tofu, Black Beans, Seasoned Rice, Cilantro Lime Rice, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Pico de Gallo, Roasted Corn Pico, Shredded Lettuce, Black Olives, Cilantro and Red & Green Salsa. The total is $15 with tax so it’s a lot of food for cheap. I am craving it now.

2. Blaze Pizza- I really love blaze pizza because they have a lot of vegan product plus they use vegan dough. I usually get high rise dough because it is more filling but it is $2 more. I hate that because they should make all their pizza with thicker dough. Those regular sizes with thin dough does nothing for me. I add all veggies with vegan high rise dough and I add olive oil, vegan cheese, pesto and salt. It’s so good.

3. Chipotle- I like the bowls but I started to enjoy the burritos more because they are so heavy. This is a no brainier because you just get a veggie bowl or just click burrito. All they do is put what’s in the bowl in a burrito. Just add an extra tortilla.

4. Three Fold- This place is so good. I found this one day while me and my family was out and they had a food truck. It seems like a high end fresh food restaurant. The food was amazing. I got the tofu salad but next time I am gonna get the tofu dumplings. You can get half and half foods or a food item and soups. So many mixtures. They had dumplings with so many protein choices, soups, salads, pho (soup noodles), etc. Their prices are also reasonable.

This was a very small list which shows that I don’t eat many different things. I really want some tofu dumplings now. You all should try three folds because it is very addicting. I will try different restaurants starting now and report back.

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