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Favorite Vegan Food Buys

There are so many things you buy that are for vegans. I was actually surprised because I thought it would be harder. The only thing is that you have to actually make your food unless it’s frozen food. I swear I am always preparing something and I wish I had some instant food other than noodles. I will tell you guys some of my favorite things to buy when I go to the store. Food, snacks and drinks. Lets get to it.

  1. Boca Frozen Food Items- I just put food items because I didn’t want to name every last one of them because I always get different ones. Boca is a vegan brand and they also have plant based foods. You can find these items in the frozen food section of your grocery store. I go to Kroger because they have a bigger selection. The veggie burgers are my favorite. They are between $3-$4 a pack. I still hate the price because you get more if it’s not a vegan brand.

2. Morning Star Food Items- Let me explain something about this brand. You really have to read the ingredients because I didn’t know they use eggs in some of their products. I was really shocked because it’s in the frozen vegetarian section. I thought vegetarians don’t eat eggs, They need to fix that but just read the package. If you are like me and allergic to everything then you need to read. I can’t even nuts so it is very difficult for me. My favorite thing is the corn dogs. They are plant based and I was so surprised because they were so good. You guys have to try these.

3. Plant Based Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough– These are so good. I still can’t believe I found vegan cookie dough because I am always craving something sweet. They taste just like chocolate chip cookies and are plant based. That’s crazy that they have everything. Simple Truth is an amazing brand. Simple truth is a plant based brand.

4. Plant Based Mayonnaise- I actually just found this and had to tell you guys. I didn’t know that they had vegan mayonnaise because every mayonnaise I saw contained eggs. This brand is simple truth and it is very delicious. Now when you eat your vegan burger, your sandwich doesn’t have to be dry (lol). This is the best one to get because others are so expensive. I saw one vegan mayonnaise for $9. I am not joking. That’s why I found this one. The price was about $4.

5. So Delicious Dairy free Ice Cream- Moment of silence to whoever created dairy free ice cream. Being allergic to milk has stopped a lot but I am glad I found this. I also hate that I can’t eat nuts because ice cream with nuts are the best. My favorite ice cream with this brand is cookie dough with coconut milk. I also started getting the bars and ice cream sandwiches.

These are just some of the products I like. Others are tofu and vegetables of course. The products listed are very delicious and verified by a vegan (me) who has tried each of these products. The boca brand has things like, vegan burgers, ground beef, meat balls, nuggets, etc. If I make something like chili or spaghetti, I can add the boca ground beef and it has the consistency of ground beef. Even if you are not a vegan, still try them because you might actually like them. You can find all of these products at Kroger.

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