Final Presidential Debate Thoughts

Hmm, I just finished watching the debate live. I thought that their mics were suppose to be off so that they can’t interfere or go over time but I guess I was wrong because Trump did it again. I have a lot of thoughts and questions. This debate was definitely better than the first one by a long shot. The lady asked many questions and the first was about covid. I laughed when trumped talked because the first thing he said was “the virus that came from china”. That is true but this is also a virus that you sir, didn’t plan for. People got sick and there was no leadership. There were tweets about China, that’s it while people wait for a ventilator to be ordered. He said that he got cleared from covid and that there is a vaccine but others say that there might not be one until 2022 and that we will still be wearing masks. He said that he survive covid and that it is possible. There was one thing that came to my mind when he said that. Did they give him a covid vaccine?

That is the only way I could believe him and if they did, why wouldn’t they say anything. Maybe I am hearing it wrong but that is what it sounded like 100%. That also means that they tested it and gave it to him first because he is the President. Maybe it’s a theory but I bet it’s true. Biden said that it’s Trump’s fault for not caring and downplaying everything. He said that Trump didn’t do anything because he was afraid. The lady asked what would they to China who brought this. Biden said that they would pay. He would make them pay for what they have done. What does that means? Trump said that they are already paying billions for what they had done. If that is the case then why does he keep attacking China if they had paid. Biden said that the money is American’s tax dollars not China’s.

I am not gonna talk about it all but one thing I wanted to talk about and they did talk about it was the immigrant children. I listened carefully and it was a mess of course. The question was “How would you reunite those 500 children with their parents?” and neither of them answered correctly. They only complained about what the other as done to put them in cages. Trump said that Obama built the cages and he is trying to help fix it. Really, help? The whole time, i’m thinking “are there really cages”. Who built cages to put people in and I do think I remember seeing a picture of them. Trump called Biden a corrupt politician and he also claimed he isn’t racist. Trump has stated that he is the least racist out of everyone in the world (lol). Okay, I guess so. If you weren’t racist, you can speak on white supremacist and the racists acts that has happened. I was so done with both of them at this point.

We need some younger Presidents in office because these old men aren’t doing it for me. I don’t want Trump to win but I also don’t want Biden to win. Why can’t someone from the green party win for once. I didn’t even know who Biden was before this. I could care less but all I know is that someone is gonna win and it won’t be kanye West. For some reason, he is really trying even though we already finished the debates. I’m so done with him. The debate was interesting but they definitely argued about what the other has not done and it sounded like they both haven’t done enough. I didn’t even know that there was other countries trying to mess with this election before the lady brought it up. Why do people care, we aren’t trying to mess with their elections. They don’t want Biden to win and it’s just like the last election. Lets just hope there is a different outcome.

Final Presidential Debate

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