Core Dance: Representing The Power Of Women

Core dance, created by Sue Schroeder and Kathy Russel is a program where they create artistic art and dance. This is an award winning dance organization who create art by dancing. I am taking a meaning to life class (Philosophy) and we are doing a project where we participate in the core dance. Our class had to bring items that represents the struggles, fight power, etc that women and others go through. There was a performance tonight that was very moving. This performance represent women all over.

There should be more representation of women because women do it all. We carry life, we work, we take care of families and men still think women aren’t enough. Women are smart and thinkers. We should not be portrayed as idiots who look good. The performance showed contemporary dances while they had poets that were explaining why women are enough. Women of all races are enough. There were many student poets and women of color. It was beautiful because they expressed the struggles that black women go through by calling them actors. That is so true because we put a smile on our face, take a lot crap and continue with our day. Yes, all women do that but black women have been through much more. I am not putting other women down, women of all races put up with a lot.

There was a man who told us to scream to the heavens a name of someone who has influenced us. Someone who had been through a lot and has empowered you. There were four of these and they had to be women. They were representing women so I shouted my great grandmother who has passed, my mother, my aunt who has passed and myself. My great grandmother was born in the 20’s and she worked at a restaurant cooking for white people. She had many pictures and everyone loved her. Even though the pictures looked positive, I could only imagine what else she had been through. Segregation was real but she got through it and that is why she is the powerhouse of my family. Once she passed away, my family fell apart. Everyone stopped talking and fell apart. When you witness that happen, you notice just how important something was. I miss her very much but she lived an enjoyable life.

My aunt, was amazing. She passed away at a very young age and had four daughters. It was a tragic moment and that is another thing that made the family fall further apart. My aunt was very positive and lovable. It’s crazy how much you miss someone when they are gone. I also picked my mother. Why wouldn’t I? I love her. She birth me and has been through a lot. You know, when a tragic happens, you blame someone. I had something happen to me and of course you blame someone and I did at first but you have to move on for yourself. My mother is a single mom and I will forever love her and not blame her anymore. Last but not least, I chose myself. I chose myself because I am the only one who can want to change for the positive. No one else can do that for you. As a woman of color in today’s society, you have to look out for yourself and remember that you don’t have to be below anything.

The performance remembered great women of color who has changed history. Women are just amazing. As a proud feminist, women have done a lot. I witnessed something during the performance that really annoyed me. While they performed, there were some boys who attended but ended up on their phones. Why go? What point would you have there? Men these days who feel like they don’t understand women who fight for what’s right are ignorant. What’s crazy is that there are men all over the place like that. I don’t get it but I wasn’t born in that time nor would I want to be. I like the movies, music and creativity there was, not the sexist family lifestyles they had.

I am happy I made this post because there was so much to say. I was moved by all of it. My class brought objects and my object was a microphone. I though a lot of about it. The microphone represents women who feel like they don’t have a voice. Not even just women but the LGBT community. They have been assaulted for being happy and many people can’t say anything. It’s a shame and sad that we have to feel that way. You should feel free to be yourself. The core dance was an amazing performance and I hope they have another one. If you have never heard of this, you should look into it because it is very powerful.

At the beginning of the performance, there were a fashion show of dresses from the 1800’s created by Jillian Gregory. The dresses were beautiful and unique. I have seen them in movies but I though it was very creative that she created these dresses. She also created an Instagram which is called “transparent women”.


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