Missing Parents of Immigrant Children: Trump’s Plan For Control

The Trump Administration has been building this plan of deporting immigrants since before he got into office. He had a plan to deport all immigrants and to build a wall to separate those people from us. Why does he keep saying he isn’t racist? He discriminate against them and then lock them up in small spaces like wild animals. I don’t know when but he succeeded with getting rid of a lot of people and now there are over 500 children without parents. He has cause so much trouble ever since he has been in office and this was his plan all along.

I have a huge theory and it will make sense. I believe ever since he met with Kim Jong-un, he wants to create a dictatorship. This man wants to ruin this country and try to control it. He started it off slowly by having people follow his every word. They linger on it and he continues until they turn someone else into a supporter. He keeps claiming he isn’t racist so more people will buy into what he says. Have you seen what most of these attackers say. They say they aren’t racist which is a bold face lie. To be more specific, it’s mind control.

What’s the point of having a constitution if you are not gonna follow it. This country is suppose to be free for everyone but it doesn’t feel free at all. We constantly wait for someone to fix the problems but no one is doing a good job. We have someone who hate Hispanics. Say it how it is because that’s it. He hates other races because they don’t listen to him. It’s not fair that all these children were separated. Why not just send them with their parents? Who does that? A true evil person who has no morals and doesn’t care about anyone else. I also have an explanation for why he’s like this.

Donald Trump was born in 1946 and he was also born during segregation. I honestly think that Trump still has that mindset. He doesn’t want anything to change. This man fight against every other race there is rather than his own. He was born rich so I can only imagine how he was brought up during those times. He just comes off as a rich ass arrogant airhead. This whole situation with those children is very unacceptable. He detained those people and many were separated in 2017. He needs to be on ID Discovery because this is an evil man. I swear on everything that he has karma coming to him. It was almost there when Covid hit him but somehow he survived. He most likely never even had it. Now that he has survived the so call Covid, he is cocky.

Full Story: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2020/10/21/21526566/trump-family-separations-immigrant-children


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