Two Female Muslims Stabbed By Two White Women

The attack of the two women took place in Paris France under the Eiffel tower. Yes, you heard that right. This happens days after the beheading of the Muslim history teacher. It’s honesty disgusting that people are constantly attacking others over something that has nothing to do with them. It’s their business so why do these things keep occurring. The two white women were shouting “Dirty Arabs” while stabbing them. These women attacked and now they are facing attempted murder charges.

I don’t understand why people are constantly risking their lives to harm others. I am really annoyed at this one mainly because its women attacking women. I don’t normally hear about this unless it’s a “Karen” incident. Here I go thinking again. I am curious about how they went about attacking. I am not trying to be weird but when I hear about a crime, I get to thinking. Did the two women plan this at the last minute? Did they just say tell each other “lets attack them”? It’s stupid and now it’s a hate crime.

I feel like, since Paris is so Muslim heavy and because of the last beheading, many more attacks are gonna happen. These people are thinking that they won’t get arrested and they are wrong. That is the same thing that is going on in America, it’s just that these people aren’t getting arrested. It’s all racists. That is one reason why they said two white women. It’s to show that it is a hate crime because you hear about white people committing hate crimes. Not all white people but I just go by facts and numbers.

Religion is just…something else. Why can’t we all just go to church or wherever you go and listen. Why must we continue down this dark path of hatred toward another race. The worse part for me is what they were shouting to them. Screaming “Dirty Arabs” is straight racist. What did they have against you other than believing in something else. Nothing, exactly.

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