Accidental Quickie On Zoom

This is so embarrassing and funny. I can’t even act like it’s not because he knew what he was doing. News reporter “Jefferey Toobin” was seen masturbating on a zoom call for work. It’s so embarrassing because the call was only 10 minutes so he could have waited. Now, because he was caught by two workers who must have been looking too hard, he is taking time off. They just suspended the matter but he did say he needs time because he is embarrassed and ashamed.

There isn’t anything to feel ashamed about but he should definitely be embarrassed. When things like this happen, you wish no one knew you because you don’t wanna keep hearing about it. This incident popped up on my computer notification and I was like “I have to talk about this”. Just so I can give you guys something not so scary to read about. People (older people) are bashing him though saying it is a choice which is true. It might sound weird but I am curious about what he was looking at. He was on a zoom call so either he was masturbating to them (gross) or he had another device with him. I don’t know, but I do l know he is married so that’s his business.

The craziest part of this story was his reason. He said that he thought he was on mute. (Pause) Sir, what? He also thought because it was supposedly muted that no one could see him. It just kept getting worse. He should’ve just not explained it because now he is coming off as a pervert because the people on zoom were women and they saw his penis. If I would have saw anything, I am hanging up immediately because it’s not my business. I would just be uncomfortable.

Well, I guess the moral of this story is to make sure you really are on mute and that you get some black or colored tape for your webcam. Matter of fact, just wait until the call is over because it will save you from an incident similar to this. As much as I laughed over this, I wouldn’t take this serious but because he is a well know person, it comes off different to him. This will go away soon because there is much more stuff that is more serious to be talked about.

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