The Fifth Wave Is Happening Now: Not Just About Covid

Darkness, Destruction, Infection, Invasion, Education is all happening right now. This is just like the book and the movie “fifth wave”. Who would’ve thought that this would become our lives. I know they keep talking about stages of covid but there are other catastrophes happening right now. Stuff that doesn’t make sense because it never happened before. I am gonna break down all five of the waves to my personal perspectives because we may see things differently.

Stage 1- Darkness

It gets dark fast now. When it rains, everything gets darker. There is a weird feeling but not just because of the weather. I see darkness as what people feel. Since we are all going through so much, there is a lot of darkness from deaths. There are millions of coffins being buried right now and it is only increasing. They say that when it rains, it means someone has died. It has been raining a lot this year with a lot of hurricanes.

Stage 2- Destruction

This is no joke! These wild fires are insane and out of control. Hundred thousandths of acres are in flames as I am talking in Colorado and that doesn’t make sense because it is usually cold there. California has been through so much. The south has been through many hurricanes as well. So much has been destroyed and people are left homeless and jobless. Especially during covid, what else can go wrong. It’s too much.

Stage 3- Infection

I don’t have to explain this at all. The whole world is dealing with this. We can all admit that covid has gotten out of hand multiplied a lot. There are so many people infected. Leaders, celebrities, animals, innocent children, elderly, no one is safe. It’s even worse in the poorer countries because they don’t have the tools to stop anything. It’s an dangerous airborne.

Stage 4- Invasion

Aliens are real people. They recently had a sighting that a lot people recorded while it was in the sky. Maybe they were just being nosy and curious about us. No, that is some scary ish. I get creeped out over stuff like that because I don’t wanna see anything. I know they are here but I am good not seeing an alien for as long as I live.

Stage 5- Education

It might sound good but it isn’t. I am talking about what they want you to hear. Not what you need to hear. It is happening all around you. People are listening to what others are saying and running with it, thinking it’s right. In school, you learn everything to get a job that supports you. As you get older and more educated, you learn that there is more to it. It’s not easy and is definitely a life lesson.

All of this is true. The world feels like it is ending right under our noses. Maybe mother nature said that we have finally pushed her limit. We ruined the earth and look at us now. It’s called karma and we are tasting it. Darkness, Destruction, Infection, Invasion and Education is just all too real.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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