Over Drinking And The Side Effects

Most people can’t wait until they turn twenty-one so that they are legal to drink. Even though most young people had already had alcohol before. It usually start in high school with friends. I couldn’t wait to turn twenty one. On my 21st birthday, I went out with a close friend and got a drink. It was good and fruity but you can definitely taste the alcohol. After that day, I didn’t want another drink but then my older sister took me out for my college graduation to get drinks. We had a nice dinner with different drinks. I am not an expert but she knew what to get (lol). I hated every drink but I felt bad because I wasted a lot but at the same time, I wasn’t a fan. I then tried my first shot of tequila and that was a big “never again”. I don’t understand how people drink that stuff. The only thing that I could bare was a frozen margarita and only one.

I learned so much from that one night. Alcohol isn’t for me and it’s gross. I know friends who drink a lot and I just can’t get like that. I always think about the consequences and I never wanna get drunk to the point that I am uncontrollable. It’s not a good look to be honest. Yes, it can be fun in the moment but…no. There was a girl in college who I shared a bathroom with and she would always get drunk and one day she vomited in the toilet and didn’t clean it. I have limits and that it a big no. I would never wanna get like that. I was just thinking, what was the point. As a female, you never wanna come off as a drunk because it’s just not cute. I am not trying to put anyone down but like, look at yourself.

Drinking has so many consequences. You can get into so many things and not for the good. During covid, they closed a lot of bars and people were complaining. Why would anyone worry about not getting a drink when there is a virus? Sometimes I feel like they should just ban alcohol because people are getting out of control. Even though I haven’t had many drinks, I have seen a lot of things. Wobbling, mumbling, vomit, etc and it is so exhausting. I don’t wanna sound rude when I say this but I hate people that get like that. The only time I feel bad (barely) is when people with real problems drink and if that happens then they should talk to someone. Don’t continue drinking because it’s not gonna solve anything.

The scariest part of drinking for me is knowing what can happen if you cannot comprehend what is going on. When you hear about rapes and assaults, there is usually drinks involved on both sides. You can get taken advantage of and not remember anything. You can get in life threatening accidents and most importantly, you can get brain damage. That is true. You don’t wanna be the one remembered as “the drunk” because it’s not a good look. Rather than drinking, talk about it or write it down. That would be much better than drinking because water is better. You might not like any of this but the truth hurts and if no one is gonna tell you the truth then here you go.

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