Donald Trump Supporters: They Follow But Are They Not Hurt By His Actions

The one thing I never understood was the actions that negative Trump supporters obtain. They follow a mans every word like it’s not hurting them as well. Are they not waiting for a stimulus check that he isn’t delivering? Are they not hurt from wild fires, hurricanes and covid damages while the President does absolutely nothing. Of course they wouldn’t care because they would just blame China exactly how Trump does because they see it as he is doing everything right. This man hasn’t hurt them in any way (sarcastic). If Trump is good then they are good. That is the definition of a commander to his followers.

Recently, Trump was in the news because he is constantly attacking the Michigan Governor “Gretchen Whitmer” because he doesn’t agree with shutting down the state. He complains at his rallies and tell those people who follow him that they should get their Governor to open up everything. Are you kidding me? This man is basically telling them to do what they want to get what they want. It’s what he said that is crazy, “You’ve got to get your governor to open up your state, And get your schools open, Lock them all up”. No, they need to lock you up sir! Of course that triggered those followers to started chanting “lock her up” which is directed toward the Governor.

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Now get this, this happens exactly after the news stated that there was a plot for Gretchen Whitmer’s kidnapping. She is keeping people safe by closing down and to be honest everything needs to not be so open because cases are increasing. You people want everything open but can’t even space out for your own safety. Everyone acts like they are gonna die if they don’t go outside and eat next to people and get drinks and party and hook up with strangers “still”. No, your gonna get hurt by not being smart. Damn, it’s not that hard, people make it hard. That is why we still have the virus.

I don’t understand why people complain so much if they aren’t doing their part. While Trump talk about opening things up, he just had Covid which mean he wasn’t smart. Ever since he got covid, more people in the White House is getting it. To be honest, I am just surprised that he didn’t catch it earlier because he was pushing it. Same goes for those people who didn’t want to wear a mask because Trump didn’t wear one. Then they got covid. Uhh, they are such dedicated followers/supporters or whatever you wanna call them. Obviously Trump supporters think highly of him because they think he knows best. He fires them up by saying what he thinks and they take it and run with it. I guess these people have no problems and are living their best lives because Trump is. That is a true supporter (Sarcasm).

His recent rally in Michigan was a mess. His supporters with and without a mask, sitting arm length and cheering. Trump just had covid and he isn’t wearing a mask. Is this a joke. Please tell me this is a joke because it’s funny. It doesn’t make any sense. Knowing how bad covid is, why would he still host these events. Is he messed up in the head? I am so serious. It’s so embarrassing.


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