Overturning The Government, Donald Trump, Kidnapping Plot, What!

Attempting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer didn’t go as plan but WTF! Who has time for these things. The FBI revealed the plans from an extremist group who had a plot for the kidnapping. As you know, there is always the topping of the cake which is where Donald Trump comes in. First of all, I would like to say that this man is in all the news recently as always. Gosh, he needs to take a nap because he’s tired. I wouldn’t want to be the President right now. Joe Biden blamed Trump because of his tweet. Donald Trump tweeted “liberate Michigan”. Why does he have a twitter?

These are his supporters who feed off of him. It’s is crazy that people follow that and create violence from it. Everyone is ruining everything by themselves. This obsession over power and wanting to control everything is getting out of hand. The fact that Trump is still tweeting gives me a headache. Like, can someone please throw this man phone and electronics in the water. His tweets are dangerous and obviously they have some sort of codes that these people read off of.

Biden said that Trump’s tweet was like a dog whistle. Calling for those people to act. He also said that this is something you would see from ISIS. Wow, to say something like that is strong. Is he saying Trump is a terrorist? Trump never talks about white supremacist and always wanna attack someone. He would comment a lot on the black communities though. Just a curious thought. This election stuff has officially gotten out of hand. If your gonna take it this far then you don’t deserve to do anything.

If it’s true, then shame. I am pretty sure it’s true because these groups listen to Trump. Why would he even tweet that. What does that state have to do with you sir? I think that “Michigan” is a state that is against certain things that they don’t agree on. This year, boy this is a shitty year. I don’t want neither of them in office. I barely know anything about Biden and Trump is just, enough said. We have been listening to these two bash each other in these ghetto arguments (lol). I wish some other candidates were stronger so there were better choices. Now were stuck with this or that. Uhh!

Full Story: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/16/politics/joe-biden-trump-whitmer-kidnapping-plot/index.html


  1. I just read there’s going to be another presidential debate. Are you going to watch it on Monday? I watched it on YouTube last time but I think I’ll watch this one on CNN. I just hope they don’t interrupt eachother as much as they did during the last debate.

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    1. Hi! Of course I am watching it. I am curious because I wanna see what they are gonna argue about. I will watch it and then blog my opinions. I watched the last debate and it was so crazy. Even the things they wanted to do didn’t seem realistic so this will be interesting. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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