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Beheading Of History Teacher

News today just never gets better. You are definitely reading this title right. A history teacher in Paris, France was beheaded on the street by an 18 year old Chechen (Russian Republic) who didn’t attend the school. There were also three other people arrested on the accounts of terrorism. The teacher I believe was Muslim and has been speaking of caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in his class. He was curious of what they thought. Students told that he made Muslim students leave the room saying “It’s shocking”. There is so much information and I feel like he shouldn’t have been killed because of religion.

France has the largest Muslim population in the west so obviously it’s everywhere. Religion is such a controversial thing because everyone has their own beliefs. He was killed for expressing his religion basically. Many parents say “what was he gonna teach some 13 year olds” but at the same time, it’s a history class. At least he had the decency to tell the Muslims that it might not be for them. The suspect was shot dead due to threatening things but I have a question. If this was in the street, how fast was this beheading. I am not even being funny because he was armed with a knife and a gun. Either his machete was mistaken for a knife or that was a clean professional. A young boy is what he was.

It’s sad that people get killed for what they believe in. It’s not fair and Muslims are the ones who are always getting attacked. Just like the people in China who are getting forced physically to change their religion to Christianity. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I never knew France had so many people who were Muslim in the first place. They say this was the second terrorism incident ever since the 2015 trial of the news room massacre. Another 18 year old stabbed two people with a meat cleaver outside the news room over caricatures of the prophet of Islam. That is crazy but out of everything you could have done, why would you make a caricature of that. I can see how that is offensive one hundred percent.

As always, I have a lot of personal opinions. As someone who doesn’t go to church or believe in certain things, I still get curious. I never and still don’t understand the problem with believing in your own things or even expressing them. You have the right to do that so why can’t you without someone feeling threatened. I agreed with the offensive caricature but at the same time, the person might have just wanted to show his love for what he believes in. That’s like how people have “Jesus” everywhere. He is on a lot of things but no one complains. You buy it or you don’t. If you don’t like that, they even have different Jesus picture. For example, the black “last super”. I have one at home. Everyone have their own beliefs.

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