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“This will all soon disappear” Sounds Too Familiar: Trump vs Churchill

Is this deja vu or what. Donald Trump reminds me of Winston Churchill so much because of what he says. Trump is by far worse than Churchill but this saying is nuts. Trump says that after recovering so fast from covid, he insists that this virus will disappear. It’s funny that he says that after nearly 40 million people got it. He is only saying that because he is doing better which is still making people question what happened. What’s so crazy is that Winston Churchill said the exact same thing in 1952 during the fog in England incident. He said that the fog was gonna just go away on it’s own. At the end of the day after suffering and long days, 12,000 people died.

Many say that no one really knows if he said it. Look, Churchill was the Prime Minister at that time. He was in charge and did nothing. In the Netflix series “The Crown”, it also showed how he never got the information first. If that was true then I would blame those people but in the end, someone was blamed. There is a huge difference from then and now. We are passed 12,000 people but how can Trump say it’s just gonna go away. To be honest, he got off lucky. They said Trump needed oxygen and antibiotics but was good after. He tested positive for covid but was it really covid?

This virus isn’t going anywhere buddy. Especially when you have 50,000+ cases a day. Many say he did it for the election, many wanted the Simpsons prediction to be true and others worried (His supporters). Now I was worried because he is obviously the President, I am not a supporter. His logic just don’t make sense to me. Or is it his brain? Trump should understand that whatever he had is not what others have. Many people died immediately, many recovered and others are still suffering. Oh, I can’t forget those who supposedly had it for a day or two. I feel like they are passing the cold off as covid. It’s like your either have symptoms or you don’t. We know it’s dangerous but there is so much weird information now.

By the way, the fog happened because of air pollution. That can literally happen again.

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