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Why Are Many People Surviving Covid Now Without A Vaccine Than Before?

Let me first start off by saying that I am not saying that you shouldn’t survive covid. It’s a miracle if you get rid of it but a lot of questions come to my mind when this happens. I haven’t talked about the coronavirus ever since we hit one million deaths. It’s still so crazy that so many people died and that we are almost to 40 million cases worldwide. I paused on blogging about it because there was so much going on but as I see that it’s only getting worse, there is no other time than now to jump back in. There is so much that I wanna say and some curious questions that I need answered.

When we first heard that the coronavirus was here, everyone panicked. They overstocked their shelves and were actually serious. Over time people got reckless and didn’t want to listen so they ended up getting sick. People act like they have to party or go out when there is a freaking virus that can kill you at this moment but nope, you have to party. Who cares about death because you are immune to it. If you look back, everyone was cautious and scared when there were 15 cases but when you hear millions, no one cares anymore. I always hear “well, were all gonna get it eventually” so why bother. People who think that way will eventually get it.

Listen, recently Donald Trump was diagnosed with covid and now he is out. There is also news that his son tested positive for it as well. How did they cure him? I have a really crazy theory but it might be the right one. He is an old man but other old people passed from it because their health isn’t good. Old people can’t afford getting sick and especially with covid. My theory is that he was never sick and did all this for the election or there was a hidden vaccine just for him because he recovered pretty quickly and the first thing he do is start campaigning. Make sense, your right it does’t. If you were sick, you would go rest so you can be safe.

It seems that they are doing better work at controlling the virus now than in the beginning because more people are surviving it. I am so tired of hearing about celebrities who had covid. I don’t believe them, I just don’t. No shade to Dwayne Johnson but he and his whole family supposedly tested positive and now everyone is fine after staying in the house together with the virus. Oh OK.What are these doctors doing differently because at the beginning people were dropping like flies. I have another theory which my sound even more crazy.

What if the government actually agreed to not cure every person because there are too many people. I am still shocked that Trump isn’t sicker because he is not healthy. So many people died and they still haven’t found a working vaccine. Also, why do they care so much about the price of the vaccine. You shouldn’t put a price on someones health. That just says more about the countries than the people. I am starting to think again and that is good because I need to get back to this. Get ready to hear me complain again because I have a lot to talk about and it’s not positive.

P.S: I am not trying to be funny but why do the coronavirus bacteria look like the purple candy that jimmy neutron made.

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