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Coronavirus Relapse: Worse Than Before

It’s funny when people think you can’t catch something more than once. Like lets be honest, if you get cured and then go back to your normal routine in an infected air space, you are bound to catch something. That is what happened to this man. A 25 year old man caught covid twice in America. Well at least he made history by being the first in America to have that happen. They said he is recovering but it was more severe this time. Maybe it was more severe because he still had certain triggering bacteria from the virus and it got stronger.

I can only imagine how annoyed and tired he is but this is why you have to be careful. Yes, you got rid of it but now you have to make sure you don’t catch it again. I have been blessed to not catch it yet and it will stay that way. I barely touch anything and I hate being by people. I am very contained this semester but can you blame me. I am on a campus with thousands of strangers so yeah, don’t come near me (lol). The man is very lucky because he could have died this time but he is recovering. Lets just hope he doesn’t get it again because if he do then he needs to figure something out. I am not trying to be funny but getting it a third time means it’s in your house or car.

This virus is not joking with us. Like damn, you going around again (lol). Covid said “y’all think your safe because you got rid of me, nope”. I need to stop joking but it’s just too much. This just shows that people have to be even more careful. They even said his immune system was fine before so what happened. This is just so weird and it makes you think. What if this has nothing to do with our immune systems? It sounds weird but I don’t know. What if the virus just attaches to someone who is breathing because that is basically what’s happening. Healthy and sick people are catching it.

There have only been five people in total now that caught covid twice worldwide. That means it isn’t common and you wouldn’t expect it. I still don’t get the surprise feeling though. As much as people catch the flu, I am pretty sure this was bound to happen. I am just surprised that there was only five. I was amazed that only 5 out of 26.7 million people caught it twice. I am pretty sure you have to be even more careful after recovering because you would be wondering “what if”. This whole situation is interesting because many said that you would probably be immune to it after getting rid of it. Your not but it is rare. I just hope no one gets it a third time.


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