Are The Millions Of Covid Patients In The Hospitals?

This is probably my most curious question. After doing some math, it seems that there are around 11 million active covid cases and more every day. I am asking where are the people because I see no panic where I am and the hospitals are not backed up. Maybe it got better but even before, it wasn’t bad. There are almost 100,000 cases where I am but I don’t see anything. It makes me wonder if everyone that has covid is in the hospitals or are they just suppose to stay home.

When you hear them say 50,000 cases in a day or weekly, you would think to see some panic or hear ambulances but I hear nothing. I haven’t heard an ambulance in a long time to be honest. That’s crazy and weird. It’s not normal to not hear an ambulance when there are millions of sick people. I wanna say that I have another theory, I really do but it wouldn’t make sense because there are so many people. Anyways, my theory was that there isn’t that many sick people as big as the number they have. I don’t know, it’s just a hunch I have.

What can I say, I have some crazy theories but with everything else they did, who knows anymore. You should keep thoughts like this in your head so you don’t get brainwashed because everything you hear isn’t the truth. Just because people are sick doesn’t mean something else couldn’t have happened. I still think that this virus got out another way. I can’t stop talking about how it got out because it is so unreal. For the sake of the truth, there was only 15 people who came back with it from that cruise unless we already had it. I talked about this in a lot of post and I will continue until it get answered. My reason is because it doesn’t make sense. What they were saying, wasn’t logical and they knew people would panic.

I lost my cool a little but the coronavirus does that. I just wanna know everything. Where are the people? Maybe if I go into a hospital, it will be different but I don’t believe it because everything looks normal. It look so normal, like there isn’t even a virus but we know that there is. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I should really be a reporter because I would dig into everything. This feels like a nightmare that I can’t escape.

We need to do something different because New Zealand hit zero active cases.

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