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Eat Less or Eat More As A Vegan

I have definitely learned the hard way of being a vegan. My situation is also more difficult because I am on campus and I don’t have a meal plan anymore. Long story short, I am allergic to many things so it would be a waste of money. Read my other post where I actually explain it. Anyways, I have to constantly buy food or have my mom bring me food because I eat a lot. I never knew why but then it hit me. It hit me hard(lol). I wasn’t getting all my nutrients with what I was eating before. I would be afraid to eat things because I didn’t want to have an allergic reaction. I didn’t know that you actually need other things if you are a vegan.

I eat a lot. I have been eating more as a vegan because I don’t get full. I am getting fuller now because I actually eat meals with other types of proteins and things but it was a mess before. I complained a couple of weeks ago, talking about why I keep eating. I told my mom that I eat all day and late at night. She told me, well your only eating vegetables, and vegan products so of course you would be hungry (lol). That is when she started actually bringing me more things to make meals. I eat the different bowls, stuffed potatoes, soups, etc. It is so much better now.

I learned that as a vegan, to get full you have to have different types of nutrients. You need protein, iron, B12, etc. I know I lack B12 but I said I was gonna just take the pills. All of this just says that you don’t need t stop yourself from eating if you are overeating as a vegan. There isn’t anything wrong, you just have to make more with your meals. Lentils and quinoa are great meal stuffers if you want to stuff something. You can make so much with them and you will get full. Eat lots of vegetables and put them in every meal. You can stuff potatoes with vegetables or just make different bowls. (That sounds really good right now)

The more I write, the more I am learning about the truth of veganism. I love being a vegan even if I never wanted to go this far. I was good being a pescatarians until I found out that I am allergic to everything including all seafood. So here I am, overeating and trying to figure all this out. It’s funny but it is definitely a learning experience.

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