Dressing Up VS Not Giving A S***

This is funny because I definitely don’t care right now. I can dress up if I am going somewhere serious but at this moment in school, I don’t care. I care about 5% because I am to stressed to dress (That rhymed). I go to class and go back to my dorm. Also because of covid, I don’t wanna look at someone for too long. If I look at you outside, I might catch something and I am not talking about feeling (lol). I am so corny and I love it. I mostly wear sweats to class because they are comfy and I am just going to class with a mask on so I am also not wearing makeup. It would be different if we didn’t have covid and I can actually show my face but we can’t.

I get so surprised when people dress up but I also applaud them because there are a lot of people with tons of free time to do these things. I can’t so I am jealous but what am I gonna do. There isn’t anything wrong with dressing up, I just don’t understand dressing up to go to class now, just to six far apart with a mask on. Maybe these people are going somewhere else after or maybe they just wanna look good. By the way, on these college campuses, there are still a lot of events so people crowd a lot. I am not because there is a virus. Geez, people get it together.

I see people everyday outside together, in large groups and just not caring. A mess is what it is. I like the people wearing sweats because they are comfy and relaxed with a mask. Sometimes I feel bad about not dressing up because there are some cute guys but I am wearing a mask so what’s the point. I honestly don’t get it because my health is first so im not looking for anyone right now. I honestly don’t give a s*** but I can’t be single forever so what am I gonna do (lol).

It hit me the other day and it’s kind of funny because I had a mask on and if you could have saw my full face. I was walking to a lab and I had sweats, a school tee and a mask on. I was also not wearing make up so I looked very tired. Anyways, I was walking and I walked by the football field wear football players were practicing. Side not: Why are there sports going on? Back to the story. While walking this really good looking guy without a mask walked pass me. He was really good looking. He was walking to the football field so I am pretty sure he was a football player but he was so fineee! I just stared at him (lol). I am so stupid but that boy was (chef’s kiss). I had a very big smile under my mask but then it hit me. I need to fix this sluggish look because I was unnoticed that day (lol). I need to do something because I am not gonna be single forever.

Long Story Short, I Am A Hypocrite

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