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Broke College Student: It’s Real This Year

I still cannot believe that this school year is this hard and bad all together. I am never happy and that is because I never get a break from classes. I don’t go to class everyday but when I don’t, I have homework online and projects. It’s crazy because It was never like this. I am stressed more and I am not working so it’s even tough. I am taking two tough classes and two easier classes but out of these four, there is one that is ending me (not literally). That class is “Physics”.

I want to say F*** physics so bad but I need it. My professor is so bad and doesn’t know how to explain anything. I tried tutoring but it’s so harrrrdddddd! I never knew college physics was to this extent. I honestly don’t know what to do but this class takes all my time. I am lacking in my other courses because of this one class. I am tired on the weekends and dying throughout the week. My sister told me yesterday that I had bags under my eyes (lol). Wow, she wasn’t lying because I only get about 4 hour asleep a day and try to nap throughout the day.

I know I have major sleep apnea and probably other things but why! This is ridiculous because it just shows that college is so stressful. They over work you and don’t give you a break. I NEED A BREAK! I NEED A LONG BREAK! I want to go far away from here. I have never been this stressed, annoyed and angry before. I want to complain to someone so bad but what are they gonna say. They will tell me to prioritize better and if I heard that, I might just snap.

Long story short, I am this close to getting a sugar daddy!

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