Good And Messy Stuffed Sweet Potato

Regards of how messy the picture looks, I took it right after heating it up and it was very delicious. I really love roasted sweet potatoes and I never thought of adding stuff to them. Your probably thinking that I am slow but it’s true. I always see regular stuffed potatoes or something sweet stuffed in a sweet potato. Once again, my thought of adding it because not only is it good but you will get fuller. This was very simple because you can add anything you want. I added…

Black beans



Chopped red peppers


Like I said, you just mix everything together and enjoy. While meal prepping, just roast a couple of sweet potatoes and put in containers or Ziploc bags. Make a lot of filling and put away in containers. This is perfect for college students because you just heat everything up in the microwave and go. I never wanted to try it because I didn’t think those things would taste good in a sweet potato but they work very well. It balances the sweet potato taste.

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