Why Are The Creepy Simpsons Predictions Coming True?

The Simpsons TV show is so creepy to me. I don’t watch it because it’s like watching the future. For some reason, all the major things that happen on that show, happens in real life. What is that? Whoever controls that show must be a god or the devil himself. How are all of those predictions possible and how are they coming true. What’s so crazy is that these predictions are from the 90’s and 2000’s. They predicted the corona virus 27 years ago and look at this mess now. They have predicted Trump win, Tom hanks getting corona, Ebola, Horse meat, 9/11, Prince death, etc. Freaky right.

Either something nonhuman is going on or someone is making all these predictions come true. They had Trump in the casket dying on one episode! This is insane and people know it. There have been many people commenting, wanting the prediction of Trump dying to come true. That is weird but he angered those people soooo… There are even speculations that “The Simpsons” predicted Kobe Bryant death. Who knows what else is on there because they have about 100 seasons. There are too many episodes. I still wanna know how is this possible. There needs to be an updated video with the producer.

I have a theory about this and it could sound crazy or it could be a good theory. My theory is that the Government owns that show and they write what’s gonna happen over time. (I just busted out laughing writing that) It’s funny and scary because you never know. What if they want so much to happen but they have to wait a while so that it doesn’t become so noticeable. There was already theories, videos and proof that America caused 9/11 anyways so who says they can’t do this. I think the show “handmaids” messed me up. Great show by the way, if you haven’t seen it.

They need to remove The Simpsons show from everywhere. It’s too creepy and you end up going crazy like me. The fact that these predictions were made 20+ years ago is fucking with my head. That is creeping me out the most. How would they know any of this? Even prince was talking about population control before his death. The 9/11 prediction is too creepy. There was a magazine with $9 on it an the two twin buildings on it and it said New York on the cover. Like…how..just how. I feel like it’s worse for celebrities because producers put them in random acts in the show and then something comes true or you die. I will never watch that show, mainly because I don’t care of it but also because it’s creepy.


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