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President Trump and The First Lady Tested Positive For Covid: What Does This Mean?

Wow, just wow. It was about midnight when I got the alert that Trump and his wife had tested positive for Covid and I was shocked. I would never ever wish something like this on anyone. Not even Trump himself. For some reason I feel like people are getting it and surviving it more though. For example, Dwayne Johnson and his family had it but they are also super healthy and that’s the thing, Trump is 74 years old. They already quarantined them so that’s good and also canceled his activities.

I have so many questions. Hope Hicks also tested positive for Covid and this is someone who fly’s with the president, goes to debates and works with them. (Sigh) This just tells you that you can be safe with a mask and still not be safe. There is something in this air man and it ain’t sweet. The bad thing is that I doubt they can have anymore debates unless he does it from home and they say he won’t get sick. That is so scary. I feel so bad for some reason. I come off as a rude person, hell I might be one actually but I would never wish that on anyone. Especially when one million people already died from it. His age range makes it worse because older people tend to get sick faster.

This makes you think. I really think they could have been more careful like not going to these events and speaking in public. For example, going to the debate and having people watch, just six feet apart. It’s so easy to catch it. Trump even hosted all of these Trump rally’s and to be honest, I am surprised he didn’t get it earlier. Especially when he didn’t wanna wear a mask. This virus catches you at your weakest moments. Hopefully they get through this because there are around 34 million people also fighting. It’s not just about those two.

I hope this is a wake up call for many when they check their phones in the morning. It’s gonna be a mess in the morning. The shade room will be blowing up with people making jokes and being happy and then there will be others who are not so happy. This is too much but I am not surprised. Hopefully they will take it more seriously, especially Trump himself. Now he knows it serious because he caught it.

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